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We take YOU seriously, which is why we’ve asked customers to share their opinions.


“I had my first Air-Tan during the 2006 Miss Indiana pageant when they came to our host hotel and sprayed all of the contestants. I have been hooked ever since. I loved that I had a healthy tan but didn't have to burn myself in a tanning bed (I was also concerned about skin cancer). I became Miss Indiana 2008 and having a natural healthy glow made all the differance all over the Hoosier state. It just made me feel more attractive! I tell everyone I know about Air-Tan because I love it so much!”


“I love having a sexy glow without the risk of skin damage. Air-Tan is like a manicure for my entire body.”


“I naturally have a fair skin tone and don't receive much color from the tanning bed. The tan I received from Air-Tan looks like I just stepped off the beach. When you look good, you feel good!”


“I have fair skin and Air-Tan is the most efficient, healthy way to achieve a bronzed tan and not a burn! Also, one of my best friends is living with skin cancer. The moment we became best friends she was an inspiration of strength and motivation in my life. She inspired me to be healthier and encouraged me to not expose my skin to direct sun or tanning beds. And Air-Tan came to the rescue!”