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Unlimited Tans $1 first month

Join our Unlimited tans membership for just $1 for the first month. $88 there after. Our Unlimited Membership is the perfect way to stay tan. And when you sign up this month you save $137 in normal costs. $87 + $50 (membership fee). These membership rates also save you up to 60% off normal session costs.

You also receive a discount on all of our retail products as an added perk of the membership.

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Text Club Special

Want exclusive discounts? First - Join our text club by typing the word "airtan" to the number 71813. Next -Keep your phone close and be ready to take advantages of our deepest discounts Air-Tan offers.

Buy 4 get 1 Free

Buy 4 tans for $140 and get one free (save $35). You can share this package with family or friends and you also have an entire year to use your tans. This package is perfect for someone who tans for special occasions.


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Air-Tan Moisturizing Extender
The tan extender is a moisturizer with dual bronzers.  Using this lotion once a day starting after your first shower helps to make your Air-Tan look fresher for longer.  Avoid applying to areas like elbows and heels, and make sure that you wash your hands and in between your fingers after applying.

Price: $19 or $17 for Unlimited Members.

Air-Tan Exfoliating Body Scrub

The key ingredient that makes this scrub so amazing is the glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid takes off dead skin cells on contact.  Apply all over your skin while you’re in the shower or bath and let it sit for 1-3 minutes.  Then use a rough washcloth to scrub off.  For even more exfoliation, really rub yourself dry after you get out of the shower or tub.  Exfoliating prior to your Air-Tan session ensures that you will have an even and long-lasting tan.

Price: $19 or $17 for Unlimited Members.

Body Bronzer Brush

This product is a self-contained mineral powder bronzer.  The powder is dispensed through the bristles of the brush and is virtually mess-free.  It is great to use to add to your tan or to fake a little bit of color when you’re in between tans.  This powder lasts all day until you take it off.  You can apply it to your face, chest, legs, arms…just wherever you feel like you need a little bit of a glow.

Price: $16 or $15 for Unlimited Members.

Tan Perfect Pen

The tan pen is awesome for filling in any small to medium-sized tan lines you may have.  You can use this whether it’s tan lines from the natural sun or from wearing your top or bottoms when you get an Air-Tan.  This product looks like a marker and has tanning solution inside. You just have to twist the bottom of the tube to dispense a little bit of the solution into the felt tip.  To use, just color in the tan line area.  You won’t see a ton of color right away, but as the day goes on it will darken and blend in.

Price: $15 or $13 for Unlimited Members.

Face Spray

Many clients complain about their face fading faster than the rest of their tan.  That is why we carry the face spray. You can tan your face at home with this spritz bottle.  Make sure you use it after you’ve washed your face and applied any creams or anything that you use in your regimen.  It’s best to use it at night to let the color process and develop.

Price: $9 or $8 for Unlimited Members.

Bling Bling Sprays

These glitter sprays add a little touch of subtle sparkle to your hair or any outfit.  They come in blue, gold, red, silver, and bronze colors.

Price: $7 each or 2 for $10.