The Bad Spray Tan Chronicles

by / Monday, 21 November 2011 / Published in Uncategorized

Please check out some terrrrrible spray tan pics that I have come across:

Kendall Jenner–This is Kim Kardashian’s little sister.  It looks like her head does not even belong on her body.







Courtney Stodden–You may have seen this seventeen year-old girl in the celebrity news for getting married when she was sixteen…to a guy who was FIFTY ONE.  This tan is bad on SO many levels.  Way white face.  White under the boobs.  Super brown painted on abs.  Splotchy legs and ankles.  WTF?





Random girl–Orange!!!!  Who let her go out of the house like this?!  If I was looking this bad, I would hope my friends would try and do something to stop it!